Chapel at Razone

Chapel at Razone in Razone
Deep in the soothing calm of the woods, along the road that leads to Briano, the 17th-Century chapel at Razone (1684) overlooks the valley on one side, and on the other, from its height of some 1000 metres, commands a view over the entire lake. According to tradition, as from the mid-13th Century, Franciscan monks chose Razone as the ideal location to build a monastery with a few small cells and a chapel. The little church at Razone, now annexed to the mansion belonging to the Counts Bettoni, was rebuilt by order of Baron G. Battista della Zuana in 1705, so as to keep a vow made when the Turks besieged Vienna. During this building work a copy of the Madonna by Lucas Müller, also known as Kranach, was erected there, the original of which is kept in the Austrian capital.

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