Church of S. Rocco

Church of S. Rocco in Liano
In the peaceful inland village of Liano, surrounded by age-old chestnut trees, stands the little church of St. Rocco. Many autumns have passed since its construction, although its exact date is unknown. Curiously, the date 1077 is written both on the outer façade and on a tile in the middle of the floor: this must be an anachronism, since the church would appear to be much more recent, unless, of course, it is a reconstruction. S. Rocco is decorated with two well-preserved paintings: the work of Andrea Bertanza portraying the Virgin in glory wrapped in a blue cloak and a pink robe, holding the Child on her lap; and the painting by Stefano Celesti (probably Andrea Celestis father) depicting a Group of Saints in contemplation of the Virgin. The familiar chestnut wood that makes the church appear even more charming is the perfect spot to stop for a snack with the little ones, with swings and other fun facilities laid on.

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