The Counts Bettoni Cazzago

The Counts Bettoni, originally from Upper Garda Brescian area, large owners of olive groves and citrus orchards, in the 18th century united with the last descendent of the Cazzago line, an ancient Brescian family going back to the 11th century, originally vavasours of the Sacred German Empire, resident in a small town called Cazzago (from celtic: “forestlands”) in the Franciacorta district and owners of vast tracts of land in the surrounding district. In 1982-83 the family decided to start a programme of transformation into vineyards of the lands in Franciacorta. The two brothers, Vincenzo and Lodovico, both agronomists, with their sister Maria Alessandra with great enthusiasm started the project, availing of new modern techniques and an extremely high quality production of Chardonnay and Pinot grapes, thus laying the foundations for the development of a wine-growing and wine company of the first order.In the firm in Bogliaco di Gargnano, on the upper Brescian shore oflake Garda the olive oil production is concentrated, coming from centuries old olive groves which complete, on the mountainside, the background of the grand eighteenth-century villa of the Counts Bettoni Cazzago, overlooking the shores of the lake, the summer residence and official headquarters of all the family business complex. Here too, on the train of their ancestors, Count Carlo in the seventeen hundreds and Count Lodovico in the eighteen hundreds, great reorganisation work is taking place among the olive groves to improve the quality and relaunch the very refined extra virgin olive oil from the Upper Garda Area.




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