Santuario del Crocefisso
The Santuario del Crocefisso (Sanctuary of the Crucifix) can be reached by climbing the hill towards Fornico. It stands opposite the Church of San Pier d'Agrino. In the Eighteenth-Century church of the Santa Trinità (or Holy Trinity, also known as the Santuario del Crocefisso) are preserved 24 processional poles of the same period, with the symbols of the Passion carved into the wood. Every five years, a procession is made through the parish, in honour of the Miraculous Cross.

Eremo di S. Valentino
The Eremo di San Valentino (St. Valentines Hermitage, 772 m above sea level) overlooks Lake Garda from its dominant position. It can be reached in 40 minutes from the nearby village of Sasso, or by climbing a more challenging path from Gargnano (2 hours). The Fifteenth-Century inner walls of this little building (originally, it most likely provided shelter for people or animals) stand directly against the rocks. Its current form and use are traditionally traced back to the mid- Seventeenth Century, and it is believed to have been a gift of thanks from some local people for having escaped the plague in 1630. In the past this isolated dwelling has also housed the odd hermit: the last was Andrea Paladini, who died in 1865, and is remembered in the local dialect as the romit de San Valentì.

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