Villa Bettoni

Palazzo Bettoni cannot be missed when you cast your eye over Bogliaco, a striking image that almost glows with light. The building is an exceptional example of architectural precision, reflecting the erudition of Lombardys aristocracy in the Eighteenth Century. Built in the early 1700s by the architect Adriano Cristofori, the villa was commissioned by Giandomenico Bettoni. The main body of the great mansion is embellished by a balustrade with statues from mythology, sculpted by Giovanni Battista Locatelli. At the centre of the building, the great hall that separates the wings of the villa houses frescoes by Beniamino and Fabrizio Galliari, as well as other works, which together form a veritable gallery of baroque art. On the other side of the road, as if to reflect the magnificence of the building, is the spectacular giardino all'italiana(Italian garden), with its great exedra, nymphs grotto and flowerbeds. Beyond the garden there are some lemon greenhouses, and the park.

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