At sunset a magnificent mass of colours, like vast fans in orange and scarlet, squeeze and mingle through the narrow lanes carved into the stoneclad walls to meet in the little squares and ports where the different languages of the inhabitants mix and blend, like goblets of wine that scent the different places of the earth.
Gargnano enjoys a central position within the Parco dellAlto Garda Bresciano nature reserve, and is the municipality with the largest land area: 78.3 Km². Gargnano, and its outlying villages Villa and Bogliaco are on the lakeside, whilst the villages of Villavetro, Fornico and Zuino nestle on the gentle ridge above, surrounded by olive groves. At some 500 metres above sea level, the hill is home to a further five villages: Liano, Formaga, Navazzo, Sasso and Musaga. Set apart from the other villages is Muslone, atop a steep cliff overlooking the lake, whilst Costa is surrounded by the green of nature, 18 kilometres from Gargnano.Gargnanos inland territory also includes another lake, Valvestino, a genuine fjord, lying between the mountains of the valley from which it takes its name, and the municipal territory, with its thirteen villages extends to embrace remarkably variegated lands cap es and lifestyles, from the lake to the plains to the m o u n t a i n s , offering visitors a vast and varied array of environmental, social, sporting and culinary experiences.

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